One of my (many) resolutions for 2012 is to buy (for the most part) only items I truly need. But when it comes to fashion - we don't really need a lot, do we? So instead of trying to parse down my shopping to "basic white tees" and "black pumps" (yawn! how boring.) my fashion-oriented resolution is to instead make a list, and stick to it. By not spending a ton on "bargain" items I don't need, hopefully I'll be able to save up for those that I do!

  • A cozy, hooded parka
  • Wedge-heeled booties
  • Brown & beige pumps, leather
  • Navy pencil skirt
  • Leather paneled pants and/or leather shorts
  • Wide belt, brown, leather


  • CL Simple 100 Pumps, black
  • A quality tote bag
  • Burberry trench