Pocket Sized Fashion is a blog about a 20-something living in New York who is constantly on the hunt for good bargains, new trends, and above all, petite clothes that actually fit! 

As I stated in my first post, the post-college world has really shown me the difficulty in finding stylish items tailored for truly petite women. Oftentimes, clothes that claim to be petite just, well, aren't. And while Abercrombie, American Eagle, et. al, might have worked on a college campus, those various bird&moose logos just don't fly in the professional workplace (or in New York City in general, really). 

So ultimately, this blog is an endeavor in cataloging the petite-friendly clothing I find, attempting to make it work (because a small stature doesn't mean that Tim Gunn’s immortal words don’t apply!), and the occasional fashion tip for similarly petite women along the way.

If you ever want to get in touch, you can follow me on Twitter @pocketsizedfshn or email me at pocketsizedfashion@gmail.com. I hope you'll stick with me!

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