Monday, August 29, 2011

Venturing into the world of petite fashion.

Hi! This site, as I’m sure you can tell by the title, is a fashion blog targeted towards, and for, petite women.

After recently graduating from college, I’ve been noticing more and more just how difficult it is to find classy, appropriate clothes that actually fit – Abercrombie & Fitch Kids doesn’t work for the workplace, but alternatively, there aren’t many other stores that work at all. Although of course, if you’re here and reading this, chances are that you have first-hand experience with exactly this.

While petite women come in all shapes and sizes (“petite” really is such a broad term!) I stand on the smaller end of the spectrum. In other words, I'm 4’10 and 89 pounds. My measurements are 31, 23, 32. And it is downright impossible to find clothes in my size!

I used to think I was the only one, but the internet has informed me otherwise – there’s a ton of terrific petite fashion bloggers out there, such as AlterationsNeeded and ReallyPetite, who have managed to be amazingly fashionable despite their “pocket-sized” stature. Reading their blogs, I’ve been inspired to start one of my own in very much the same thread.

My job doesn’t offer much of an artistic outlet, and since two of my main loves are writing and shopping, this really does seem the perfect way to unleash my creative energy! So that’s that, really – ultimately, this blog is simply an endeavor in cataloging the petite-friendly clothing I find, attempting to make it work (just because we’re small doesn’t mean Tim Gunn’s immortal words don’t apply!), and the occasional fashion tip for petite women along the way.

I hope you’ll stick with me!

- JJ, Pocket Sized Fashion


  1. Thank you for the shout-out and welcome to blogging! We're a pretty similar size, so of course I'll be looking forward to any petite friendly finds you have to share with us! Good luck, and have fun! :)

  2. Dear JJ
    It's great to see your blog. I'm only 4'9" and have really an issue searching for the right fit and style. all you bloggers have greatly inspired me to look good and not bogged down by my height.

  3. Hi Arts! Thank you for the sweet comment. I definitely know exactly how you feel - before I discovered the petite blogging world, I was so frustrated by the lack of fashion out there that fit me properly!