Monday, January 9, 2012

Graphic prints and polka dots.

I've always found mixing patterns to be a challenge. There are some people that are just so naturally good at it, and I honestly don't know how they manage - whenever I attempt to mix paisley with stripes, or stripes with plaid, or what-have-you, I feel like I just end up clashing.

But one of my (many) New Year's resolutions is to venture more outside of my sartorial comfort zone this year, and this is one goal I am absolutely determined to keep. One thing I've learned about trying out fashion trends you're intimidated by is to start off that's exactly what I did.

Instead of diving off the deep end and mixing bright colors and patterns for a really bold look, I kept it toned down by staying in a low-key, neutral color palette. I've had this polka dot romper lying in my closet since last spring, when I wore it a few times and promptly forgot all about it. Now it's far too chilly to wear on its own, so I paired it with a loosely-fitting blouse in a similar color scheme but "clashing" pattern.

Blouse, H&M Sz XS (similar here); Romper, H&M Sz 2 (similar here);
Boots, Aldo, old (similar here); Tights, HUE.

To keep the look from being too black and white (literally and figuratively!) I added some subtle dimension with a few turquoise bangles. I love that these sorts of bangles are considered "trendy" right now (thanks, Amrita Singh!), since I have so many of them! One of the perks of being Indian ;)

Bangles, from India (similar here); Watch, MK Small Madison; Necklace, old (similar here); Ring, old.
The weather on Saturday was so absurdly warm - 62 degrees in January, can you believe it? You can bet that I took full advantage of the unseasonable heat by banishing my wool coat to the closet and bringing back my ASOS light trench (similar) for the night. I wasn't even cold! 

How do you all wear patterns? Are you adventurous enough to mix and match bold prints, or timid like me? I'm determined to be more courageous when it comes to my wardrobe this year - but what are your own fashion resolutions for 2012 (or, failing that, what are your resolutions in general)?


  1. These patterns def work well together!

    My fashion resolution is to wear brighter colors in the winter. I tend to wear more neutral colors when it's cold out. I'm hoping to get some yellow, purple, and green pieces.


  2. That's a good one, too! I definitely know what you mean about resorting to toned down colors in the winter - there's something about dreary weather that just makes you want to match it with your outfit! I'm trying to incorporate more red/cobalt blue into my winter wardrobe. :)

  3. I thought it was just me who felt that way about mixing prints and  patterns cause I  always fail miserably with it. I love the way you paired these patterns, your accessories really do bring life and add dimension to the outfit.

    My fashion resolution was to start a style blog ( which I did :  :)

    My yearly resolution was to brush my teeth every night lol... I failed that one after day 1 ( gross I know)

    Good luck on your fashion resolution, you're off to a great start !!


  4. Great outfit - the pattern mixing looks so fresh and vibrant!  Also loving the boots, they are insanely cute :)

  5. I love this outfit!! It totally works and I can see it being a "night out" outfit if you paired it with some heels! I actually am on the same boat and haven't really tried mixing patterns together of my fashion resolutions is to try things out of my comfort zone as well as to join the gym to get in shape! lol

  6. Thanks, Iqra! Good luck with your blog too, it looks like you're definitely off to an awesome start with it :) 

  7. I'm glad I didn't fail miserably at mixing patterns, haha! And these boots are some of my favorite pairs of shoes, well-worn and run-down though they are. I need to get them over to a shoe repairer soon, though, before they completely fall apart on me.

  8. Haha, I actually DID wear this outfit out at night; the boots have a hidden wedge, so it's kind of like cheating on the heels aspect ;) And I definitely am with you on the gym thing - although I've already failed miserably on that resolution, oops! Hopefully you'll do better than I have.

  9. I love mixing prints! love this pairing!

  10. And I'm so jealous of how well you're able to mix prints! 

  11. Oooh nice! Good stuff...I didn't notice the wedge. I still have to get a gym membership though. Haha will keep you updated!