Friday, January 13, 2012

Lusting after...spring pastels and LOFT new arrivals.

Snow hasn't even hit NYC yet (unless you count the freak snowfall on Halloween, which I would just like to erase from memory altogether...) but spring fashions have definitely hit the stores - and I'm loving the pastel colors that are everywhere this coming season! So much so that I just wanted to share a few items with you all that I'm dying to wear. Can't we just skip over February and March?

The other day, I stopped by a nearby LOFT to see what they had in stock (Twitter followers may have seen some of the items I Tweeted about when there). I fell in love with the Patch Pocket A-Line Skirt in Scuba in 00P. It doesn't seem to be available in petite/small sizes online, but there were several in-store. If you're interested in this skirt, I suggest you go check it out in person to see if it's available (or, of course, do a Stylefinder).

FIT: As you can see, the skirt was slightly loose at the waist (for reference, I'm 23'' around) and the skirt would have to be slimmed. Although it fits comfortably if I allow it to sit low on my waist, closer to my hips, I'm not crazy of how it looks worn so low. 
VERDICT: I passed on this, because it was retailing for $59.50, but now that LOFT is having its 40% off new arrivals sale, I may reconsider. The quality is decent and the skirt is lined - so for 35.70, it may just be worth it.

The other item I tried on was the Petite Salt and Pepper Patch Pocket Sweater Jacket in XXSP. Admittedly, this isn't a "pastel" but bear with me - I wanted to squeeze in my LOFT reviews into one post, and thought this jacket definitely deserved a mention.

FIT: This jacket runs small. In fact, I'm amazed at how small it runs! Usually, even XXSP is slightly large on me, but this jacket has slim sleeves and a narrow, high waist. My only qualm - and this is just me being nitpicky - is that the sleeves are a little too long. Also, don't expect this to keep you warm in the winter months. It's pretty thin - but I guess LOFT does describe it as a "sweater jacket." 
VERDICT: I wasn't crazy about the price - 79.50 - so I decided to wait for a sale. But lo and behold, LOFT is having one now, so I'm running to the store ASAP to purchase this. 

Here are a few other picks that I'm considering adding to my spring wardrobe, from ASOS, Ann Taylor, H&M, the Gap and Nine West...

How about you all? Any pastel items jump out at you as absolute must-haves? Let me know! I'm definitely looking to prepare my wardrobe for spring - thinking forward's the only way to get through the winter chill ;)


  1. Hi JJ!  It's my first time stopping by your blog! Love your style and the scuba skirt in your first review is beautiful!  If it is part of the 40% off sale, it's worth buying, however lately Ann Taylor and Loft have been excluding 40% off on new arrivals.  I did buy the red scuba skirt around the holidays, and sadly it wasn't lined...which I generally prefer mine to have lining.  Good luck with your decision.  I'm following!

  2. Thanks for the follow! You're right that AT/LOFT have been excluding their new arrivals from 40% off sales lately, but this one includes all full-price items - so if there's anything you're eyeing, you should definitely check it out. :)
    Also, you'll be happy to know that the Scuba skirt is lined this time around! I agree that skirts are generally just better with lining.

  3. Love those colorful jeans ay! Btw I am doing online shop selling cool Japanese cosmetics, so plz check it out if you are interested! ThanX!

  4. Rites of Beauty BloggerJanuary 15, 2012 at 5:15 PM

    Both are cute picks. Between the two, I like the jacket a bit more. The colour of the skirt is lovely but those pockets make it a bit too casual to be versatile.


  5. Aren't those jeans amazing? I think I may just have to add them to my closet.

  6. Hm, you may be right! Those pockets do give the skirt a more casual air that isn't necessarily appropriate for the office. But the color is just SO pretty...

  7. I really like that skirt! The color is awesome. I have to say though, I tend to run away from pockets like the plague because I feel like anytime I put something with pockets on, it screams "LOOK AT HOW WIDE MY HIPS ARE!" But they look cute on you though!

    The jacket is cute, even if it's not very warm.  And out of the things you put at the bottom, my eyes went straight to those floral print peep toes. I adore those!

  8. I'm in love with both too! Definitely on my wishlist to acquire for spring.

  9. Aren't those shoes adorable? I bet they'd add interest to just about any outfit. And I know what you mean about pockets, especially large ones, making your silhouette appear larger than it really is. 

  10. That skirt looks super cute on you - you should grab it if they're still having the sale! They actually had a matching jacket to that skirt that I've been thinking about. It's pretty expensive though - $138 - so I'm not sure even at 40% off I should get it or not.

  11.  I didn't know they had a matching jacket! That would be so cute - but you're right, $138 does seem pretty steep for a LOFT blazer. 

  12. So do I! They have some really terrific classic pieces.