Tuesday, September 20, 2011

High-waists and vests of lace!

Where did summer disappear to?! The weather's been absolutely horrendous lately -- I had so many petite-friendly outfit ideas I wanted to post about, but what with work in the city (and the hour-long commute home), I can't ever catch enough daylight during the week and the weekends just haven't been sunny enough either. Luckily, this past weekend was fairly perfect, autumn temperature aside. Which got me pretty excited!

While on the topic of the weather, though, all this rain has made me realize how absolutely necessary having a petite-friendly umbrella is when you work in a crowded city (I guess that phrase is somewhat redundant). If I had a nickel for the number of times I've nearly poked a random I-banker's eye out with my umbrella, well, I'd have a closet full of Louboutins. Too bad the world doesn't work that way.

That's why I'm looking for the perfect bubble umbrella, since they solve the issue of having to constantly watch out for the metal pointers at the end. Because insofar as I have a Napoleon complex, an eye-gouging umbrella really isn't how I want to show it off. I did find this one at Target for $16.95, but my only problem with these is that they tend to be the long cane style, which is super inconvenient to carry (I mean, they're literally 3/4ths the size of me). But I guess you can't have everything...or can you? Does anyone know of a more portable version of the bubble umbrella?

Anyway! I bought these high-waisted shorts a while back (see my review at FitReview). I'm in love with the feminine, simple shape - the way they define the waist, but lie high enough on the thigh that they elongate the leg, too. I was on the hunt for the perfect blouse to complement these, and I found it not in any store, but in my mother's closet. Vintage! Super exciting.

I love how the loose and flowy fit of this sheer top. I think it works so perfectly with the harder lines of the shorts - what a great balance! I kept the color theme very neutral for this look, with a taupe belt, grey shoes, silver jewelry, and my favorite black leather Michael Kors bag. I especially love the size of this MK tote; it's large enough to carry everything I need it to, but small enough that it doesn't overwhelm my pocket-sized frame. Totally petite-friendly. I wish they still had this style in stores, but they don't - it's all about the Hamilton that everyone seems to have these days!

Shirt, vintage (similar here); Shorts, H&M Size 2  (similar here); Shoes, Charlotte Russe (similar here); Vest, vintage (similar here); Belt, H&M Size 2; Bag, Michael Kors, old.
But like I said, it's getting cooler now! For a bit of layering and warmth, I added this lacey crochet vest that I found, you guessed it, in my mother's closet. It's like a treasure trove, I swear. Lace is one of those things that may go out of style, but is guaranteed to always come back around - so sorry, Mom, but I'm stealing this for good. It's a little big in the arm, but that's nothing a little tailoring can't fix, right?


  1. This is such a cute outfit. Loving those shorts!!!


  2. Thank you! Those shorts definitely get a lot of use - I love how the color matches just about anything.