Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lusting after...the ideal LBD.

Entering the quote-unquote real world means that acquiring the perfect little black (business) dress for my closet is definitely more necessary than ever before. And while I have tons of LBDs, none of them are the LBD. You know what I mean, right? I'm talking the ideal little black dress, the one that can transition from a day at work to a dinner with family to a night out with friends. Of course, I've seen a ton that could work in theory, but as soon as I put them on, it's more like I'm wearing a three year old playing dress up in mom's closet than a 22 year old gearing up for a day in New York. Sigh.

But that's why I'm currently lusting after this dress (shown below in red, but which also comes in black) from the ASOS Petite line. Although my experience with ASOS has taught me that the quality may not necessarily be worth the price - this dress, for example, is a cool $73 and change - I've also learned that finding a dress that fits you off-the-rack is priceless. And ASOS Petite is one of the only lines I've found where "Petite" actually means petite; it fits me well, both at the hem and at the waist. Shocking!

I love the neckline and sleeveless cut - it's not so low that it would be unprofessional for the office, but the detailing definitely keeps it interesting enough for nights out, too. I want to buy this so badly, but since I'm currently trying to save up for an apartment (I'm moving into the city at long last) I think I'll have to wait for a sale. Fingers crossed that they're still a US Size 2 when one rolls around...

For those of you that can afford to splurge a little, there's also some more good news: ASOS has a 20% off sale on all items in their new collection - but it ends today! So go, go now!


  1. what a gorgeous dress!! the neckline is so unique and i love that ASOS has a petite line!

    cute & little

  2. ASOS Petite is amazing! Although it's a little pricey, they regularly have sales which make their clothing more affordable. I'm addicted to their website.

    And I agree, the neckline makes the dress - it's taking all my willpower not to buy it (I'm just waiting out for one of those aforementioned sales)!