Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maxi skirts and cropped shirts.

So basically, maxi skirts are one of the it items for fall - and for good reason! The look is generally chic, easy to put together, and oh so comfortable (loose and flowy skirts mean having the flexibility to do pretty much anything, bar possibly going for a quick jaunt on your horse). So of course, I've been on the hunt for the perfect maxi skirt to add to my own fall closet - there's nothing to lose with adding such a versatile item to my sartorial repertoire, right?

Except, of course, I tend to look a hot mess in the majority of maxi skirts I've managed to find. The problem has to do, as it always does, with my body proportions. Most maxi skirts tend to sit lower on the hips which, when you have short legs like I do, tends to emphasize just how short they really are. Of course, wedges and/or higher heels help balance out the issue (and honestly, you should always wear high heels with a maxi dress/skirt) but not enough to really make me happy with how I look in them.

So what's a pocket sized girl to do, abandon the trend altogether? I think not. Instead, I made the trend my own by going the faux-maxi skirt look - in other words, by wearing a maxi dress with a crop top. This totally works! Since the crop top hits higher up, the visual is more lengthening as a whole. 

But what's your opinion? Ironically, Erin over at Hemmed has the opposite idea - that there's too much fabric with maxi dresses, and that skirts are the better option for petites. I think this could be true depending on how you're built, for sure.

Shirt, H&M; Dress, Ann Taylor Size XXSP (similar here); Shoes, Calvin Klein Size 5 (similar here); Bag, Century 21 (similar here); Watch, Michael Kors Mini-Runway; Jewelry and scarf, thrifted.
I also decided to go for a brighter top to balance out the neutral navy and white print of the skirt. This burnt orange is such a popular color at the moment, it's all I see on the streets and in the stores! 

It's not very surprising, actually; the color is so appropriate for fall, and its richness makes it great for most skin tones. I'm resisting buying more items in this hue, however, since I know it's very much a one-season thing -- bright orange has a short shelf life, as much as I hate to admit it.


  1. i love how you styled this maxi dress!! the orange color of the sweater is definitely perfect for fall and i like the long necklace you added!

    cute & little

  2. Thanks Kileen! I wasn't too sure about the top at first, since I assumed that wearing something loose/baggy on top of an already flowy dress would overwhelm my frame, but it actually didn't end up looking too shabby.