Friday, December 9, 2011

Nautical stripes and sleeveless knits.

Wow, things have been hectic this week! I've had to spend my lunch hours holiday shopping - since doing so on the weekends in the NYC neighborhood I live in would just be insanity - and a lot of my time after work has been divided between family obligations, friends, more Christmas shopping (I am so broke now!) and decorating my apartment. I love the holidays, but they really are the busiest time of the year.

I've had this sleeveless knit lying around my closet for ages. It was a "hand-me-down" from my cousin, who I remember had given to me it saying, "I never could figure out how to wear this." And you know, she was right; this sort of sweater is super confusing to style. It's long, it's chunky, it's a sweater, but it has no sleeves. What do you pair it with? How do you use it to theoretically keep you warm? What season is it even made for?!

But confusing as it is, at least it isn't this thing. (Seriously though, what?) I honestly adore the nautical theme of this sweater, with its metallic buttons and epaulets. I was determined to figure out a way to wear it in a way that was practical (i.e., I wouldn't freeze) but also cute. Do you think it worked?

Shirt, Topshop Sz S (similar here); Sleeveless Knit, Old Navy, Sz S - old (similar here);
Jeans, Delias Sz 0P; Boots, CR;  Necklace, Mix-It; Jewelry, old.
I think the key is to ultimately let the knit shine by pairing it with a simple long-sleeved (or, okay, in my case a 3/4-sleeved) shirt and jeans. It's definitely not meant for winter, but it kept me pretty warm in this autumnesque December! Speaking of, you know what's crazy? That there's still fall foliage to be seen in mid-December. I feel like I always talk about the weather in my posts, but it just struck me while looking at these photos that the bush behind me is still red. 

I finished the look off with my new red Sephora lipstick, which I'm now officially obsessed with, and matching red bangles. I think this sweater works especially well for pocket-sized girls, simply because there's less fabric to drown in. 

How would you all style a sweater like this? I have similar problems with sleeveless trenches - or sleeveless anythings, really. Do you have a go-to outfit for that type of item? I would love to hear!


  1. Hm unfortunately I don't own many sleeveless items except for a thin sweater vest. I would just style it like you did though with a close-fitting long sleeved shirt or thermal. I like the nautical theme you went with though!

  2. Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking! Sleeveless sweaters/jackets just seem so impractical sometimes though, because then your arms aren't protected by anything but a thin cloth. Haha but I guess that's one of the things we do for fashion, right?

  3. Good point. lol Yes fashion can be impractical sometimes as long as it looks stylish. ;-)