Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reviews...Ann Taylor

So excited today! Yesterday, I finally received my Ann Taylor shipment from when they had their $25 off $50 sale - which was at the same time they were having 50% off sale items and free shipping. Basically, I spent about $15 per item - such insane bargains! 

I wanted to share with you all what I bought and how everything fits! But before I do, I want you all to preemptively excuse both my horrendously monotonous expressions and my terrible hair in these photos...unfortunately, I a) don't know how to pose for self-timed photos and b) my hair just doesn't like to cooperate with my hairbrush after a day at work/running errands. So you'll have to excuse me for looking like Le Petite Swamp Monster, thanks in advance, all!

First up was the Striped Tiered 3/4 Sleeve Top in XXS Vanilla Creme (not petite, which was unfortunately sold out). Originally for $68, I purchased this for $13.64.

FIT: I can sometimes pull off tops that aren't sized petite because of my proportions - I have a much longer torso to leg ratio, and where the waist hits isn't always an issue. However, due to the "tiers" on this shirt, tucking it in makes it look a little strange, and it's slightly too long to wear over a skirt. However, the fabric is soft and comfortable, and the overall fit excluding length is still nice - the sleeves, for example, hit exactly where they should.
VERDICT: Undecided. It could work for trousers/pants? It was only $13.64, but I'm not sure if I need another shirt that I can't wear to work...

Next up in my haul was the Petite Ruched Drape Neck Top in 00P Roasted Hazel. This top was originally $78, but I purchased it for $16.36!
FIT: I love the color, but I'm a little confused by the draping on this top. The neck doesn't "fall" properly and instead forms this sort of baggy poof at the bust line. Also, the ruching is a little awkward - it only exists on one side, which makes my bust look even more awkward. It's also pretty baggy around the back waist area:

VERDICT: This is the top I think I'm most torn about - I really love the color, and when this top is tucked into a skirt (I really should have taken photos) it doesn't look all too terrible. But the neckline is inconvenient and I'm not sure how to work with it. Have any of you purchased this blouse? Did you have similar issues? I'm leaning towards returning, but I just don't know...

This is the Petite Tiered Printed Shell in XXSP Peacock. It was originally $78, but I purchased for $10.70. 

FIT: The front and side fit perfectly, since any bagginess is covered by the tiered layering. The back, as you can see, is the teensiest bit baggy at the waist, and the length does seem a tad long. The color is gorgeous in person - such a vibrant teal!
VERDICT: Kept! In fact, I'm wearing this top today. You really can't go wrong at $10.70, and this top probably fit the best out of all the ones I received. You can't see the waist issues at all when it is tucked into a skirt. 

This is the Petite Extrafine Merino Wool Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Sweater in XXSP Caribou. Originally $78, but I purchased it for $18.74.

FIT: This sweater fits pretty well! The waist isn't baggy at all, and the sleeves and length hit exactly where they should. 
VERDICT: The word "sweater" is a little misleading! When they say extrafine, they really mean extrafine - this top is really thin, and will be pretty useless in the winter unless I layer it. So despite the fit, I'm not a 100% sold on it. I would have preferred something slightly thicker.

This is the Cross Front 3/4 Sleeve Top in XXS Red Maple. It was originally $48, but I bought it for only $10.21. 

FIT: This is another item I purchased from the 'regular' section of AT, hoping that I would luck out. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I did. It's a pity since I do love the color of this top - isn't it perfect for the season?! This top suffers from much the same issues as the striped tiered 3/4 sleeve top does; it's far too long, but the design at the front/side make it somewhat awkward to hide the length issues by tucking it in. Nevertheless, the overall fit is decent:


VERDICT: Will probably keep. $10.21 is too good a deal to pass up, and the color is beautiful. I can definitely see myself getting a good bit of wear out of this top.


This is the Ruched Shoulder Long Sleeve Pullover in XXS Tea Tree Heather. Originally $48, I purchased for $8.75. 

FIT: As I discussed in my last post, I love cozy, slouchy knits - they can easily be styled to look chic with minimal effort. I was hoping this would be a pullover I could add to my "slouchy top" collection...but I'm not too sure. The ruched shoulders, while pretty on the website model, look awkwardly baggy on me and just don't seem to fit properly. However, the sleeves hit right where I like them to (at the wrist) and the waist is just slightly loose (perfect for the sort of cozy feel I was aiming for). 
VERDICT: Ugh, I don't know! It was, again, so cheap - is it worth returning an item that wasn't even nine dollars? The sleeves may be an issue I can get past...I need to mull this one over a bit more. At this point, however, I think I might return.

Last of all is this Petite Crew Neck Cardigan in XXSP Lunar Sky. Originally $68, I purchased for $16.04.

FIT: This fits much like the other cardigans I've purchased from Ann Taylor - slightly baggy in the back, but not an issue that can't be overcome. It's certainly a far better fit than H&M cardis, which poof outrageously in the back and leave me looking fairly shapeless. 
VERDICT: I'm a little disappointed with the fabric of the cardigan. I was hoping for something a little more along the lines of AT's Petite Stretch Cotton Jewel Neck Cardigan, which is a thicker, sturdier material (and much better for winter) but this is thinner, and feels a lot like the Extra Fine Merino Wool Striped Top above. Nevertheless, I will probably keep, just because I need more colored cardigans in my wardrobe, and it fits decently. The beauty of a cardigan is that it's meant for layering, so the fact that it's thin isn't a huge issue.

Also, I wanted to share with you my latest splurge purchase: the Michael Kors Small Madison watch! This retails for $195 and is approximately the same width and size as the Mini-Runway that is popular among petites. I'm in love with it already - the detailing, with the diamond rim and pearl face, is gorgeous. I've been hunting for a good silver watch ever since I purchased my MK Mini-Runway in gold in the summer, and this will definitely do the trick. 

Ann Taylor is having a 50% off select styles online sale (no code necessary), with free shipping on items of $150 or more; LOFT is having a similar sale today only on all items (enter code 'take50' at checkout) with free shipping on all items $125 or more. There are some great things out right now, so go shop! And let me know what you buy... :)


  1. Great review! Thanks for taking these pictures...I am in awe that you did this without a remote. I was going to get the  Petite Extrafine Merino Wool Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Sweater at FULL price, now I'll stay away. Thanks!

  2. Haha, a remote is DEFINITELY top on my list of things to buy - setting the self-timer and running to-and-fro every time I need to take a photo is not the most fun experience. 

    And no, definitely don't get that sweater at full-price - it might be worth it during one of their sales, but in my opinion, the fabric isn't $78 quality!

  3. Love the tier striped shirt! I guess I shouldn't filtered through only petite clothes on Ann Taylor's website because I might end up missing out on some cute non-petite items!

  4. Yes for sure! If you have a long enough torso to pull off non-petite tops, I would definitely recommend browsing through AT's selection of regular items...they tend to have smaller sizes for a longer time!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I like the first one actually...it fit really well!

  6. Yes, I think I've decided to keep that one - I just really adore the feel of the fabric. It's so cozy, perfect for winter!

  7. Great! Can't wait to see how you style it...I just got a bunch of layering long-sleeves from Gap this wknd. lol

  8. It's one of the ones I decided to keep! I ended up really liking the tiered layer design. :)

  9. Hey Pocket Sized! I think I saw you today at the Soiree tonight! I wasn't sure at first though. Hope you were able to find some good heels!

  10. Just took a look at your blog photos - I definitely did see you there! And am following you now. :)