Saturday, October 22, 2011

Teal and orange.

I've had this outfit floating around in my head for ages - inspired by the color trends for autumn (teal! orange! so much love!). But life has just been very busy lately, since I was caught up in a flurry of birthday celebrations, long hours at work and, most happily, moving preparations. Everything is finally slowing down again, though, as I'm now settled into my new apartment and have a lot more free time.

But enough about my life - boring, yawn, I know! 

Styling this skirt was honestly a challenge for me. As much as I adore this burnt orange color, I find it fairly difficult to find items to pair it with. My go-to neutrals don't seem to work very well - black and orange, while appropriate for October, isn't so appropriate as an outfit! The same goes for brown and orange - the overall effect, which I thankfully didn't photograph, was rather...pumpkinesque. Not appealing!

But I was determined to make this skirt work, since it fits so well. Although H&M is the store I can most often fit into off-the-rack, the bottoms there still tend to gap at my waist. This skirt, since I can wear it lower on the hips, doesn't gap at all!  And I love the way it flares, it's such a fun fall piece!

Shirt, CR Size S (similar here); Skirt, H&M Size 2 (similar here); Shoes, Nine West; Bag, Coach; Watch, Michael Kors Mini-Runway; Jewelry, thrifted, Scarf, no brand.
So I really had to scour the depths of my closet to find something that would work, but I think this cream lace top truly does! The neutral color helps to ground the brightness of the skirt, and the lace adds a little interest. I kept my bag and shoes neutral as well for this outfit, since in my opinion, the skirt is the main feature: the orange should pop!

I adore these shoes. Even though they're the teensiest bit large on me, they're the most comfortable pair of heels I own. I credit that to the stacked heel, which gives the shoe a really retro look. Although I bought these a while ago, I think they're very appropriate for the season! 60s and 70s inspired items seem to be all over the place.

I love the look of deep turquoise/teal when paired with this orange, too, but I think wearing a shirt in the color would've been a little too much. So I settled for this scarf that I bought at Camden Market in London (and below, for my turquoise statement necklace)! 

I want to end by thanking Paige of PetiteJD for featuring me on her blog! Her idea of doing this Q&A feature is such a great way to find new petite bloggers! She's also currently featuring a 50 Classics Challenge, which involves incorporating items from the 50 Classics list into an outfit - I'm horrendously late with mine, but I have so many ideas for it that I'll just have to post about very, very soon.


  1. what an absolutely beautiful orange skirt!! so in love with the pleats and i love how you accessorized!

    cute & little

  2. Thank you! This skirt is definitely one of my new favorite items in my fall wardrobe.

  3. That skirt is so cute! I love the outfit you put together with it! I always find myself wearing creams and white with orange, although navy is a fun option also!

  4. I LOVE that skirt and I love orange! I fell in love with it this summer when I got an orange skirt as a birthday gift -- and once I got past those initial styling struggles, I realized orange actually goes well with a lot!

  5. Ooh, navy is a good idea! I'm going to have to try putting together an outfit using that pairing next.

  6. You're right, it totally does - I guess I'm just so used to grounding bright colors with white or black that I was confused about how to style orange (which definitely doesn't go with black, haha). I see this skirt as a fashion challenge, but I'm always so excited when I find something appropriate to match it with.

  7. Nice photos and really nice outfit, you look great, I love
    your skirt, what a great color and that blouse is so nice, the perfect touch to
    the outfit; your bag also rocks, you are really beautiful! Your blog is awesome
    by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!


    Culture&Fashion Magic


  8. Thank you for the follow, Sara! I really love the color of this skirt, too - I'm always so excited when I find an outfit that works properly with it! 

  9. This is one of my favorite outfits! Love it from head to toe!

  10. Thanks! I'm actually obsessed with this color scheme now...teal/turquoise and orange look surprisingly nice together!

  11. Omg I love this outfit so much. You rock that orange skirt better than anyone I know. Love the lace top as well :)