Friday, October 7, 2011

Reviews...Ann Taylor and LOFT.

Since my birthday is fast approaching (Monday, to be exact!), I've been the happy recipient of more than a few gift coupons in the mail - one of which is for $15 off any in-store item at Ann Taylor/LOFT. So what's a girl to do except spend said coupon as soon as she can? I'm lucky enough to work within walking distance of both AT and Loft - oh, the perks of working in Midtown. 

On my last visit to both, I found a couple of items which I really liked. Since I'm on the hunt for the perfect work-appropriate skirt (the ones I currently own are either too loose, too tight, too short - in other words, I'm just too picky), I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to try a few on.

I apologize for the grainy, blurry, and all around horrendous quality of these photos - Blackberries definitely do not take editorial-quality pictures!

Skirt, LOFT Petite Piped A-Line Skirt in Harvest Tweed, Size 00P
First up was this pretty tweed skirt from LOFT. I loved the piped lining and the classic A-line shape - it's conservative enough for work, but the detailing keeps it from being your run-of-the-mill business outfit. 

Unfortunately, it was both too long and too wide at the waist - I would have had to take it in, slim it, and hem it, and at $69.50 (or $55.00, with my coupon) I didn't love it enough to purchase.The alterations would have equaled the amount of the coupon and then some. It's a pity this didn't fit a little better, though, because I did really like the material - tweed is just such a staple.

Jacket, LOFT Petite Piped A-Line Jacket in Harvest Tweed, Size 00P
In fact, I liked the material so much that I also tried the matching tweed blazer on. I suppose you could say it fit, but it was loose, and I'm of the opinion that if a tweed jacket doesn't fit perfectly, it just ends up looking matronly. Since tweed inevitably adds bulk to a frame, it's critical that it be fitted. 

Next up was an Ann Taylor skirt that I'd seen on Jean from Extra Petite and absolutely adored. Again, I apologize for the quality of the photo, since you really don't get an idea of how pretty the material looks.

Skirt, Ann Taylor Glazed Lace Pencil Skirt Size 00P
I was really excited to try this skirt on, because from reviews I'd read from other bloggers, it supposedly ran fairly small and was very petite-friendly - and since even 00P in AT is usually large on me, this was a must try. 

Results? Well - it did fit better than the majority of AT skirts do (and definitely better than the LOFT skirt above). However, it was still a little loose, and due to the elastic nature of the material (it's really thin, with an elastic sort of band) I wasn't sure how much alterations would cost, and it definitely wasn't something I could DIY. And for the price - $118, without the coupon - I'm not sure the skirt is worth it. However, since there's a 40% sale, I may just have to reconsider...

But then again, there are several other items I may splurge on instead, now that the 40% sale is back. All I know for sure is that another trip to Ann Taylor is definitely in order. How about all of you? Anything in particular that you're eyeing?


  1. So does that mean today is your bday? Happy bday!!

  2. I love the mustard skirt you are wearing!!
    Also, good call on the AT skirt with piping. It is super cute but will run you $$$ with alterations. Hopefully you catch it later on super sale ;)

  3. Exactly what I was thinking! I ended up buying another skirt during their sale last weekend that fits a lot better than either of these - will be adding reviews soon :)

    And thanks! The skirt I'm wearing is actually more of a goldish brown in person, I love how it matches with almost every color. Solid investment for sure!

  4. oh that lace AT skirt looks like it fits pretty well! i'm definitely gonna have to check it out at my store too -- especially if there's a sale!

    cute & little

  5. It definitely fit more snugly than most AT items do - I wanted to grab it during the 40 off sale, but unfortunately it was sold out in 00P. I'm not surprised, but I was disappointed!