Monday, November 28, 2011

Cobalt blue and H&M coat review!

Happy Cyber Monday and belated Thanksgiving, everyone! Did you buy anything during this sale-heavy weekend? I definitely did - maybe a few too many things, but that's when a good return policy comes in handy, right? 

Please forgive me for the crazy range in my photo quality! My mother just "gifted" me with her old Nikon Coolpix DSLR, and I'm still not quite comfortable with all the other words, I have no clue what I'm doing yet! But nevertheless, I'm very excited to have such a quality camera - I can't stop playing around with it. Does anyone have any tips or websites they can direct me to on how to take and edit pictures with a DSLR? I'd be forever grateful!

One of my favorite colors of the season is the cobalt blue that's been everywhere. Unfortunately, I think it's a little too bright for my workplace - or maybe I'm just personally not daring enough to try it! The only piece I think I would even chance at the office is this lovely Ann Taylor ponte skirt (see on Extra Petite, Really Petite and Petite Little Girl), but unfortunately I wasn't able to snag it in my size when it went on sale. 

For now, I'll be expressing my love for cobalt blue through my night-time outfits. Here is one I wore the other day to a concert with friends. I think bright tights are a great way to ease into the trend - they're just daring enough without being too out there! And since they're very affordable (this pair from Delia's only set me back $8.75) you don't have to feel very guilty if you decide that vibrant colors just aren't for you.

Shirt, no brand (similar here); Tights, Delia's Sz S (similar here); Belt, Topshop (similar here);
Shoes, Nine West Celestia Sz 5; Clutch, Zara (similar here); Watch, Gold MK Mini-Runway; Jewelry, thrifted.
It's always surprising how sometimes your most loved pieces of clothing are ones you never even expected to buy or thought would fit you. This sparkly knit is an item my close friend snagged during a sample sale, and generously gave to me because it didn't fit her. It isn't something I ever would have picked out for myself in the store, but I adore it! The material is very soft and has this pretty shimmer that the photos unfortunately haven't captured well. I honestly could live in this shirt. My favorite thing about it is how adaptable it is - it dresses up casual outfits, but also works so well for nights out!

I love pairing bold colors with contrasting brights - it makes for such an attention-grabbing look. Since I didn't want to go all out and wear a bright top with these tights, I decided to wear vibrant accessories instead: some red bangles and this green-blue Zara clutch. Just colorful enough for me!

One item I snagged during the Black Friday sales was this camel-colored trench coat from H&M. I loved it on the rack, and in fact even thought it looked quite good in person, but after seeing these photographs...I'm very undecided. It looks bulky and seems to overwhelm my frame. I would definitely have to slim the sides and have the sleeves shortened (here, I've pinned them) - and is an H&M coat worth that sort of alteration? On the other hand, I did only pay $30 for this coat (it was 50% off!)...

What do you all think? Is this coat worth the alterations? I think I may just end up returning it and hold out for something better!

Happy Cyber Monday shopping, everyone! What are you planning on buying, if anything? There are so many good sales out there, I just can't choose!

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