Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eggplant purple and mustard yellow.

The weather lately has been completely inexplicable...not that I'm complaining! I love layering clothes, but I definitely don't like -5 degree weather when not even ten layers are enough to keep you warm. And at that point, it's just impossible to look stylish if you don't want to freeze to death, too. 

I know that the temperature isn't going to stay this warm forever - 68 degrees at the end of November is just too good to be true, after all - but I'm taking advantage of it while I can! This weekend, I didn't even need a jacket when I was traipsing around outside, which made me very happy, because I really wanted the colors I was wearing to show!

This is the first time I've ever really dared to pair two "brights" together. Although I do wear bold colors fairly often, I usually tone them down with a neutral base; but after an entire summer and fall season of seeing such intense colorblocking, I knew I had to give it a try. I ordered this pair of ASOS mustard-colored skinnies, but they're unfortunately taking their sweet time to ship...so when I saw this pretty pair of eggplant jeans at H&M on Black Friday for only $12.95, I took it as a sign! 

Unfortunately, I'm not too sure about the fit of these jeans - they're a little tight at the waist (that never happens...but maybe that's just some temporary post-Thanksgiving weight, haha!) and definitely too tight around the thighs. They wrinkle at the crotch! I think if I were to keep these, I would have to wear them with a longer top to hide these issues, but that would in turn defeat the purpose of buying jeans (instead of jeggings or tights in a similar color). Here is a photo from the back.

Definitely too tight! I think they would definitely fit someone up to a few inches taller than me and/or someone with skinnier thighs (for reference, mine are pretty muscular - around 18.5'' around). Since these are a size 2, I'm considering going a size up, but I'm not a hundred percent sure if it's worth it...what do all you think?

Fit issues aside, I really like this color combination - it's definitely outside my normal zone of comfort (as my friend who shot these photos kindly reminded me by saying, "This doesn't look like an outfit you would ever wear.") but although eggplant and mustard are bold, they're still kind of...toned down. That's a total oxymoron, but whatever! It makes sense in my mind! 

This top was the result of an almost season-long search for the perfect mustard item, which culminated in a purchase during Ann Taylor's last (stackable) 40% off sale. I love this top, and wish I had bought it in more colors at the time. It's actually not petite sized, which I'm sure you can tell from the length, but the website was having serious issues at the time, and by the time I had added the petite XXS to my cart, it was already sold out! Anyone experiencing deja vu? I know that both AT and LOFT were having similar issues this weekend...

I did try to pair this outfit with neutral accessories - grey bag and shoes, and some purple bangles that match my jeans. Vibrant accessories on top of a colorful accessories would've just made for a not-so-hot mess! However, I did add this bright scarf that I stole, as I always do, from my mother's closet. It's rapidly becoming one of my favorite items. The color is so lovely - a deeper shade than my mustard top, almost a cross between gold and orange, with some delicate embroidery in a greyish purple. I love the way it drapes, too; it's large enough to wear as a shawl, but can be folded and worn as a regular scarf. It goes with everything! My mother is never getting this back...

Shirt, AT Sz XS; Jeans, H&M Sz 2 (similar here); Shoes, CR Sz 6 (similar here); Bag, H&M old (similar here);
Watch, Gold MK Mini-Runway; Jewelry and scarf, borrowed/thrifted.
Did you buy anything during the sales yesterday? I'm proud to say I resisted temptation - although it took a lot of willpower and attempts to distract myself away from the computer. I've just spent far too much money this month already...at this rate, I won't have any money to spend on friends and family for Christmas, and that isn't good. But I'd love to live vicariously through you all, so tell me if you scored anything great during the sales!


  1. Love the color combo! I'm a new petite blogger as well so I'm glad to follow your blog! 

  2. I'm loving these colors for fall (although I guess technically, it's almost winter now...). Thank you for the comment and the follow!

  3. I know! Must be getting cold in NY now. No problem...it's great to meet fellow petites. I'm working on a post soon so hope to hear from you soon!