Monday, November 7, 2011

Black pumps and goals for my wardrobe.

Although I don't follow astrology at all (fact: I actually typed 'astronomy' before I corrected myself - that's how much I don't follow it) there is one thing I believe: Libras are indecisive by nature. There have been so many times I've rolled into a department store, certain of what I want (classic black pumps, for example) and then proceeded to be just so totally overwhelmed by all the choices that I've ended up leaving without anything except a head full of seriously confused ideas (Do I want black leather pumps, really? Or do I want the comfier - and therefore more practical, right? - black leather wedges? Or what about boots? I need boots...and so on, and so on). It's a terribly disorganized and frenzied place, my mind.

But I was inspired by Elle of Fast Foot and Fast Fashion's recent post about "good" deals, as well as her "Sartorial Bucket List." What a fab idea! Although I keep an itemized spreadsheet of all the purchases I make throughout the month, which has helped to curb my spontaneous spending some, I still inevitably end up  dazed and confused whenever I go to most stores. No more!

I have a new goal, and that's to form a list of items that are absolutely necessary (e.g., the perfect trench coat, which I've been trying to hunt down for what seems like forever) and to only buy items from that list...well, with the odd exception here or there.

One of the items on said list is definitely a pair of black pumps - that is to say, affordable pumps, at a price tag of $150 or under. The ones I currently have are these Nine West Selene Pumps, purchased in the summer:
Pumps by Nine West at ShopStyle
But they're way too big, because I bought them when I was under the impression that I'm a size 6 (when I'm a size 5!). So, even though they're fairly comfortable for a pair of shoes that slips off with every step, new heels are necessary. I'm particularly in love with these Enzo Angiolini pumps below -- every time I've ever tried a pair on from this brand, I've always been so impressed with the quality. For the price point, I honestly don't think you can do better; they're incredibly comfortable, definitely cute, and so affordable. They even come in super tiny sizes!
Pumps by Enzo Angiolini at ShopStyle
They also come in a gorgeous blue color that I'm really itching to buy -- but of course, that isn't on the list!

This pair by Calvin Klein is also lovely; the snakeskin is more interesting than your average black pump, but it's still conservative enough for work. I find that CK shoes tend to be super comfy, and the slightly thicker heel would make these more practical for walking around all day!
Pumps by Calvin Klein at ShopStyle
Lastly, I'm considering these Ann Taylor Perfect Cutout Pumps below - the detailing is different from the usual, but again, still works for the office. I've heard that AT shoes are amazing quality, but these are just slightly out of my price range at $178. Hopefully I'll be able to snag them during one of AT's many, many sales at a more affordable price tag! Fingers crossed.
Shoes & Boots by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle
What about all of you? What's your favorite affordable/budget shoe line, or the one that you think tends to be the most comfortable and of the best quality? I'm on the hunt for the perfect black pump, so your suggestions are really welcome!


  1. JJ, I am a BIG fan of my corso como delicious nude pumps and my stuart weitzman (more $$$) platswoon nude pumps. With an "investment" piece like black pumps I think it's fine to splurge on them. I wear my CC + SW pumps so much that I constantly think about buying duplicates when the next sale rolls around.

    I am also a fan of the AT Perfect Pumps but your feet are so dainty and the perfect pumps run big so the 5 may be too big for you still. But if you don't mind adding inserts they are great value come sale time. Extra Petite scored a pair for <$70 during the last sale that allow us to stack promotions. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the tips, Elle! I was considering Corso Como as an option as well, because they're wonderful from what I hear, but I haven't been able to find any in stores (and because my feet are such an awkward size, I like to try things on before I purchase)! As for SW -- I love, love, looove their shoes, but like you said, $$$! You're right about black pumps being an investment piece, though...maybe I'll go and see what I can find at the  SW factory store in Long Island!

  3. My favorite budget shoe line is actually Banana Republic - I find them pretty comfy and it's always pretty easy to wait out for a good sale - another great one is Ann Taylor (love the cutout pump you featured above!)

  4. Have you tried Franco Sartos? If you check my twitter, yesterday I posted an eerily similar pair of pumps like the Nine West ones but in pink. --A pair that I discovered through Elle myself!! And I've been a long time fan of Franco Sartos!

  5. Isn't that cutout pump amazing?! I love the detailing, it makes it different from the hoards of black pumps out there. I'll definitely check out BR pumps, thank you for the tip!

  6. Just looked - those are SO cute! I looooove the color. And I've tried on a pair of Franco Sartos once before, they were super comfy. I can just never manage to find them in my size when I go shoe hunting, but I'll definitely keep them in mind!

  7. I have those Nine West Selene pumps for interviews and I'm not in love. I usually wear a sz 6, but a sz 5.5 in Nine West (which always runs large). Even with a 5.5, my feet slip out of these shoes. I have to wear two different insoles so they are just super uncomfortable. But in general, Nine West is still my favorite shoe company.

    I really like those Enzo Angiolini pumps, and it seems like the pointy toe is back this season!

  8. a good pair of black pumps is a must on every ladies' list!  i really like the AT ones you picked out!

    cute & little

  9. I have the same exact problem -- I have a pair of 5.5 Selenes that slip off with every step! But I bought a pair of NW heels in size 5, and they fit much more snugly. Have you tried sizing down? I've noticed that the NW leather stretches a lot, so maybe you could fit into their 5s too.

  10. I totally agree! The fact that I don't have any functioning ones is a fashion travesty, haha. And aren't those AT ones so adorable?!